How to Make a Fence in Minecraft – Complete Guide

Minecraft is an imaginative game that allows players to construct, explore, and survive in a pixelated, blocky world. One of the most important aspects of the game is creating your own buildings and structures. They can vary from small houses to complex redstone contraptions. 

The fence is an important part of any Minecraft farm or home. Along with providing security and decoration, fences also keep mobs (both friendly and hostile) out of your area. Let’s discuss what Minecraft is, the types of fences available, how to build them, and where you can find them if you don’t want to make your own.

Types of Minecraft Fences

There are several types of fences in Minecraft, mostly depending on the material that was used to make them. The most common types are:

Wooden Fences: 

These are the most popular kinds of fences, and they can be created from any of the six primary tree species. These species include dark oak, acacia, spruce, birch, jungle, and oak. Each one of them creates fences of different colors.

  • How to Build:

To start, create your fences out of 4 of the same type of wooden planks and 2 sticks. Then, to access the build menu, go to a crafting table. Position the wooden planks in the top two boxes in the left and right columns. Next, arrange sticks in the top two boxes of the center column. At last, you’ll get 3 fence pieces.

Nether Brick Fences:

They are commonly found in the Nether. These dark red fences are fireproof and constructed from Nether Bricks.

  • How to Build:

First, use 2 individual nether bricks and 4 nether brick blocks. Get a craft table out. Next, insert a block of nether bricks into the top two boxes of the left and right columns. Then, put a single nether block in the top two boxes in the center column. In the end, you will receive 6 fence pieces.

Cobblestone Walls

These are made of cobblestone or mossy cobblestone. They are not exactly fences but they have a similar function.

Every kind of fence has a unique look that can be matched with the design of your area or building.

How to Make a Fence in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, constructing a fence is a very simple task with few resources. This is how you’re going to do it, follow the fence crafting recipe as given below.

Gather Supplies

Wood logs are necessary for building wooden fences. Before you begin, cut down some trees and gather logs for wood.

Make Sticks and Planks

Once in the crafting section, turn the logs into wood planks. You will get 4 planks per log. Next, place planks vertically into the crafting grid to create sticks.

Building Fences

In the crafting grid, arrange 4 wooden planks and 2 sticks to create a fence. The central row should have the sticks, with two vertical planks on either side. To set the first post, take a fence block and place it on the ground. 

To join the 2 pieces, place a second Fence block next to the first post. When a Fence is placed next to a wall, it will immediately make contact with the block it touches. Continue connecting the fence. A corner post is automatically created when you change directions.

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How to Find Fences in Minecraft?

If you’re not into constructing, fences can be found in different kinds of buildings throughout the Minecraft world. But in order to properly break them apart, you’ll need an axe or a pickaxe because they won’t drop any pieces otherwise. 

You should look for fences of wood in:

  • Abandoned Mineshafts: These usually have long stretches of fencing.
  • Villages: Gardens and wells are surrounded by fences in villages.
  • Strongholds: These can sometimes have barred areas and fence gates.
  • Witch Huts: Usually, these areas are surrounded by small fences.
  • Nether Fortresses: This biome is the only place where Nether Brick fences can be found.


In Minecraft, fences are a useful and necessary part of the building process. Fences can be an important component of your construction, whether you’re building a tiny garden or protecting a large fortress. 

You can make your projects look better and work better by knowing things like what kinds of fences are available, how to make them, and where to get them. Minecraft provides a platform for creativity and imagination, and creating fences is only the start of what you can achieve in this big digital universe.

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